Men's Issues USA Quick Overview


This site will give you a quick overview of some of the top issues facing men in the USA. It is intentionally left unstyled to make it straight to the point and easy to translate.

Suicide Rate

Men die by suicide 3.63x more often than women.


Mental Health Treatment

Men are less likely to seek professional help to treat their mental Health, often due to societal norms.


Substance Abuse

1 in 5 men develop alcohol dependency during their lifetime. Male military veterans have nearly twice the rate of substance abuse when compared to women. Men are more likely to use almost all types of illicit drugs.

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College Enrollment

There are over 3 million less men than women enrolled in college.


Education Completion

Women graduate at higher rates than men at every level from high school through college.


Infant Circumcision

Men in America are circumcised at an alarming rate during infancy. This is nonconsensual and unneccessary. There is little to no benefit in infants but the risk can be up to FATAL injury. This is gross gential mutilation of children. We all deserve to make choices for our OWN BODIES. Circumsion can be done at any point in a man's life. We can wait til men can consent.

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Job Site Deaths

Nearly 92% of all fatal occupational injuries are men.



Globally men make up nearly 80% of all homicide victims. Around 90% of homicides were committed by men as well. A large factor in these statistics is males who find themselves in gangs and organized crime.



93% of prisoners are male.



Men receive 63% longer sentences on average than women do. Women are also twice as likely to avoid incarceration if convicted.


Physical Health

The male life expectancy is around 5.4 years less than females. Men are more likely to die of cancer.

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Rape Victims

It was not until 2012 in America that the defintion of rape was updated to include men as possible victims. However these gendered laws still exist in places like the UK where women often cannot be charged with rape and instead receive a lesser criminal charge, if any.

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Child Support After Sperm Theft or Rape of the Man

In the USA and many countries men can AND HAVE been held liable to pay child support after a Woman got pregnant from raping the man. There is also no written law explicitly defining sperm theft illegal and if a women is impregnated from it there is no written law protecting the man from child support or punishment for the woman's theft.

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It is hard to read social media these days without seeing large numbers of people bashing men in general. A notable example is #KAM (Kill All Men) a trend saying all men should die usually in reference to specific sexual assault cases. Men speaking out against this hashtag often are met with hate claiming they are insecure with their treatment of women, rather than the truth that nobody wants to be told to die. See the response this author had, to witness the gaslighting for yourself: Article

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